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AMDA Is a Necessity for Me!
“I don’t think people really ‘get’ PA/LTC unless they work in this field. Regulations, trends, and care standards are ever changing.”
Support Foundation with Flu Study
New Quality Prescribing Tools
President Dr. Levy shares the Society’s tools on anticoagulants, diabetes agents, and opioids.

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Core Attendees
Indianapolis , IN
July 28 - 31, 2016

The Core Curriculum presents 23 critical areas of PA/LTC management. Interactive exercises create a comprehensive picture of medical direction.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

AMDA’s CPGs have become the standard care process in the long-term care setting.  They can reduce costs, avoidable transfers, and risk of survey penalty and litigation.  Most importantly, AMDA’s CPGs can improve patient outcomes and safety of staff, facility, and patients.  Learn More

AMDA’s Educational

Evidence-based education in the PA/LTC setting. Programs are designed to provide best practices implementation and improved quality within work settings while offering continuing education credits and networking opportunities.

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